Sanjeev Kad is a business man, athlete, and an Indian Scandinavian Canadian.
Sanjeev is a Ward 6 resident and a community builder. And Sanjeev is a family man with strong fiscally conservative values and a passion for social justice. Sanjeev holds an MBA and a Bachelors of Commerce.

Kad shares a home with his wife, Anju, and two daughters in Aspen Woods. With over 24 years of international experience as a business owner and financial auditor, and locally owning a number of businesses including two Boston Pizzas, Kad will bring a unique business mindset to the city council.

Kad has been a director of the SCA Community Association for more than 5 years. In addition, he officiates national sports tournaments and is a fierce advocate for youth engagement in sports. Sanjeev fondly believes in the necessity of athletic involvement among youths for their positive development. After many conversations from patrons of his restaurant, and members of the community, Sanjeev has realized that if a change is to happen, a member of the local community needs to run for city councilor.