Bold Personality. Bold Thinking. Bold Approach. Bold Improvements.

Calgary’s Ward 6 is home to bold, community builders and leaders that are willing to challenge the status quo. Ward 6 residents are diverse, experienced, fair, and never give up. Calgary’s Ward 6 residents need a City Councillor who is unafraid to think as boldly as they do.
Kad’s experience as a business owner has honed his ability to identify problems and work quickly to solve them. Kad has a passion for turning around failing businesses and making them profitable and successful – this bold approach is needed at the City Council table. What are some of his bold ideas?

  • A job audit of City employees to find efficiencies and cut duplication
  • Taking a position on secondary suites, a new arena and other contentious issues and facilitating an open dialogue to constructively move these matters forward
  • Open-door policy for all residents of Ward 6 – no idea is off the table; Kad will ask critical questions for all people he represents

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