Beautiful Communities. Beautiful Outlook. Beautiful Collaboration. Beautiful Future.

Calgary’s Ward 6 is home to some of Calgary’s most beautiful destinations. From parks and green spaces to incredible pieces of modern infrastructure. From the established communities of Glamorgan and Strathcona to the newer areas like Medicine Hill and Cougar Ridge, Ward 6 has a bright, beautiful future ahead of it. Calgary’s Ward 6 residents need a City Councillor who is has a beautiful vision for their future.
Kad’s is a forward-thinking leader that believes it is important to ensure everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Kad’s background as an Indian Scandinavian, Canadian has given him a global lens on the opportunities to make Ward 6 a better place. What are some of his beautiful ideas?

  • Democratize the selection process for new public art – let citizens have a say before art is selected and built
  • Use money dedicated to public art on new major roadways for noise reduction and sound proofing to positively impact the quality of life of those affected
  • Smart density – don’t create density for the sake of density; plan smart density in each quadrant of the city and build out from there.

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